End of the year check in. I feel the end of the year is always very crazzzzy. A lot of goal meeting to be done. It's where we evaluate our thinking space and really ask ourselves how much of our dreams and goals have we made reality. We've been growing and learning all year. Setting intentions and speaking manifestations. But truly and honest how much of the work are we putting in. 
Its been a constant battle as a young entrepreneur about whether I'm in alignment, If I am making the best and strategic moves for my brand and upcoming business ventures. Despite the emotional rollercoasters, sleepless nights, and the constant desire to follow through with my vision, Im doing everything I should be doing. Often times there's a feeling of a constant stuck state but slow progress is still progress.



It's important we keep our energy channels open to receiving the new blessings and opportunities we create and the ones that present themselves. We live in a beautiful and everlasting world meaning everything is LITERALLY perfectly aligned and there are no coincidences. You are meant to be here in this moment. So now embrace the unknown and keep following intuition. Intuition is merely that burning desire that keeps you going no matter what despite who or what. Your intuition will guide you through the depths of your deepest fears of the new and unknown. But it is in the unknown that the magic happens. It is in the unknown that we create our realities however that may look and feel for your life. YOU hold the power. Lets make a vision for our life 
 This week clean your home, workout, eat nourishing and colorful foods, read a self development book, put the phone down, meditate and write your goals, light a candle. Let's hold ourselves accountable to do inner work to be in a state of inner calmness. It is truly empowering to remember the day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. More or less the seeds you plant today are growing so beautifully. Show up for yourself and your dreams everyday. Trust that the universe will deliver all else 


  • HG

    I appreciate Gold Theory so much the beauty and the advice! Never leaving

  • Khatania Kimoy

    This was so well needed 🤍

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